What happened after wednesday~

Wednesday was the day I took my SPM results and I could say I did pretty well. I didn’t get all A’s but I managed to pass my history and math; which I never passed before!

Then yesterday, my mum bought for me a new phone cause I passed her expectations and I bought Samsung Corby Pro! My dream phone! I wanted the Samsung Corby but oh well~ I LOVE IT~!!



Listen to your heart.

Maybe it’s stress or maybe I’m thinking too much until right now for 2 days, I’ve been having this ‘worried’ feeling. Maybe I listen way too much of contemporary and acoustic songs. I really need someone to talk to. 😦




Review: Hantu Tanah Kusir


When they say everyone’s a critic, I think they meant EVERYONE (esp. me! No doubt!)

I was really really surprised when I found out Maria Ozawa (if you don’t know who Maria Ozawa is; CLICK HERE) is going to be in an Indon movie not once! BUT TWICE! How about that for a porn star? And judging from the trailer itself, boy… there’s a lot of people who doesn’t want her in it. God knows whether they are being legit!

Jupri mewarisi delman kakak iparnya. Karena sepi penumpang, Kirno, sahabatnya menyarankan Jupri untuk meminta berkah ke kuburan. Ternyata delmannya malah tertukar dengan delman hantu tanah kusir. Nasib Jupri berubah seketika. Penumpangnya ramai seketika. Namun semuanya tak berlangsung lama, ketika muncul Odong bersama Pauline (Maria Ozawa), gadis Jepang yang seksi, Hantu tanah kusir mulai menagih janji.

That’s the article from wiki.

let’s just say they are also gonna showcase the movie here in Kota Kinabalu, Growball Cinema @ Centrepoint. But only one screen. Not sure what people are gonna think about the movie. Neither do I.

I WANNA BE BEAUTIFUL!! competition?

Alright, I never really thought of it but I joined this competition in fb and I don’t wanna brag about it but it’s more like a shocker because, I thought my picture wont be posted in the album. I went nuts and kinda asked almost all of my friends and besties to vote for the pic in fb. Which I never really tried doing. Further more~ I gots nothing else in my mind… 


None the less,  I still need to think about college or university or whichever but importantly, I’m not taking nursing. Never in my freakin’ mind.




Need to work on my blog D:

How to: heart shaped nail design.

Back with a new tutorial. It’s a very simple and easy to do nail design.  My client has short nails both hands and feet so I improvised and she is happy with the results. Here it comes~ 🙂

Left: White nail polish... Right: Red Nail polish design

Sorry about the lighting~ And yes… That is a paper bag as the background.

As usual, use the white nail polish and paint your nails. Whichever you want really. My client wants it on her feet. 🙂

Moving on…

Use the red nail polish design(?) and just draw a basic heart and the only reason why I didn't colour it in is because it won't dry quickly. Literally. So this is the finishing product.

How to: black and white poker

Hahahaha~~ I’m back with a new tutorial and it’s called black and white poker! It’s not THAT hard to do. Just make sure you have a GOOD nail polish with you; and I mean A GOOD ONE. Here’s how you do it.

First thing you need it…

Centre: Black Nail Polish, Right: White nail polish design

P/s: about the left one… you don’t need that. I changed my mind during the process. LOL

And then…

Use the black nail polish first.


Use the white one next. Make sure it's eiter this, or the nail art paint.

Just copy the poker cards: Diamonds, Hearts, Club and Spade. And you’ll have this:


A close-up look:

By the way, make sure your white nail polish is GOOD or it’ll end up messy like mine.

P/s: I don’t look good with black nail because I will look like a ‘pontianak’. So I do it on that thing. lol.




cute little things. They make me happy.

When I see cute things, I go crazy about cute things. It doesn’t hurt to be cute. If you’re born and you don’t look like a hot supermodel like me, don’t fret! Go for cute! It works :3 Although I still need to work on my make up skills… need a long way to go…

Anywho, guess what I found in the mall! No… not money! cute things! But I’m trying not to go for pink. Vibrant colours are IN these seasons! Thanks to Nicki Minaj and korean fashion/trends influences.

It’s not blue! It’s cyan(?). I made a hard decision whether to buy the pink, vintage looking, child-like ribbon or go buy something I thought is the most hideous. So I made my decision and choose this instead.


I had a bunny hair clip before but it broke cause it was plastic and all. And since it’s the year of the rabbit, might as well have at least rabbit decorations for myself.  Wabbit! =:3


I’m not sure what you call this thing. It’s a rubber-band but it has like those canvas thing… but yeah. I like it. I never had those before and now I do! haha~


and yes, to complete it all; a small hand bag. It’s not big and it’s different from the bags that I have at home so yeah… I just used it today and I’m not sure if I’ll use it again…


Notice everything has ribbons? Ribbons are cute!

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