Review: Hantu Tanah Kusir


When they say everyone’s a critic, I think they meant EVERYONE (esp. me! No doubt!)

I was really really surprised when I found out Maria Ozawa (if you don’t know who Maria Ozawa is; CLICK HERE) is going to be in an Indon movie not once! BUT TWICE! How about that for a porn star? And judging from the trailer itself, boy… there’s a lot of people who doesn’t want her in it. God knows whether they are being legit!

Jupri mewarisi delman kakak iparnya. Karena sepi penumpang, Kirno, sahabatnya menyarankan Jupri untuk meminta berkah ke kuburan. Ternyata delmannya malah tertukar dengan delman hantu tanah kusir. Nasib Jupri berubah seketika. Penumpangnya ramai seketika. Namun semuanya tak berlangsung lama, ketika muncul Odong bersama Pauline (Maria Ozawa), gadis Jepang yang seksi, Hantu tanah kusir mulai menagih janji.

That’s the article from wiki.

let’s just say they are also gonna showcase the movie here in Kota Kinabalu, Growball Cinema @ Centrepoint. But only one screen. Not sure what people are gonna think about the movie. Neither do I.



Hey hey~ I might sound noob if I tell you that I just watched Hachiko: A Dog’s Story last night in Star World.

I cried thinking about my own dog named Skipper. He was such a lovely dog and an obedient one as well. But on decemder 24th, my dog disappeared just like that. My little brother even cried!

I rate this movie 100/100! It’s a perfect movie!


Another movie I watched today was The Green Hornet. It’s damn funny and I recommend everyone to watch it with the whole family. I mean, Jay Chou is like in the movie.

I’m not a fan of Jay Chou but who’d ever knew he’ll be very funny! I wonder how he tries not to laugh.  Love the movie. I rate it 99/100.