What happened after wednesday~

Wednesday was the day I took my SPM results and I could say I did pretty well. I didn’t get all A’s but I managed to pass my history and math; which I never passed before!

Then yesterday, my mum bought for me a new phone cause I passed her expectations and I bought Samsung Corby Pro! My dream phone! I wanted the Samsung Corby but oh well~ I LOVE IT~!!



Listen to your heart.

Maybe it’s stress or maybe I’m thinking too much until right now for 2 days, I’ve been having this ‘worried’ feeling. Maybe I listen way too much of contemporary and acoustic songs. I really need someone to talk to. 😦




I WANNA BE BEAUTIFUL!! competition?

Alright, I never really thought of it but I joined this competition in fb and I don’t wanna brag about it but it’s more like a shocker because, I thought my picture wont be posted in the album. I went nuts and kinda asked almost all of my friends and besties to vote for the pic in fb. Which I never really tried doing. Further more~ I gots nothing else in my mind… 


None the less,  I still need to think about college or university or whichever but importantly, I’m not taking nursing. Never in my freakin’ mind.




Need to work on my blog D: