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Hey hey~ I might sound noob if I tell you that I just watched Hachiko: A Dog’s Story last night in Star World.

I cried thinking about my own dog named Skipper. He was such a lovely dog and an obedient one as well. But on decemder 24th, my dog disappeared just like that. My little brother even cried!

I rate this movie 100/100! It’s a perfect movie!


Another movie I watched today was The Green Hornet. It’s damn funny and I recommend everyone to watch it with the whole family. I mean, Jay Chou is like in the movie.

I’m not a fan of Jay Chou but who’d ever knew he’ll be very funny! I wonder how he tries not to laugh.  Love the movie. I rate it 99/100.

First post.

Now, I’m not really good at make-up, fashion or whatsoever. But I do have my own sense of style. I read in a magazine once and it says, “the best fashion is when you have your own fashion statement” and I do believe that.  Most of my friends are what I consider STYLISH.

I used to be a tomboy and the hardest thing about it, I try to hide my weakness about cute (little) things! I decided to stop and be what I call myself now, a lady. But SOME people still think i’m not girly enough! And you know why? It’s because I don’t wear a lot of make-up and expensive clothes like her! I mean like… what the hell? At least I won’t get wrinkles unlike you. Geez…

I came across this trend called gyaru/hime gyaru (Girl/Princess Girl) and also I think my most favourite trend of all… Kawaii. I totally opened my eyes! Between gyaru and kawaii trend, I like kawaii the most but still, I’m not those die hard kawaii fans. I don’t live in Japan so I still have my boundaries. I’m a shy person so the only way for me to stand in a crowd is by being a kawaii girl and smile. 🙂

My ideal type of kawaii fashion is just look like a (decent) human being. Don’t go over the top. But stick to the fact that you want people to say, “wow, you’re cute”. That’s for myself. I don’t  know about the rest of the world.

I don’t drown myself with heavy make-up and I am a believer in natural beauty. It’s sad to know that no matter how hard I try to be like those hot models with long legs and skinny body, I can never accomplish my desires to be like them. But hey, at least i’m not a stereotype. 😛

Left: My ideal Kawaii                                         Right: Gyaru/Hime Gyaru

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