cute little things. They make me happy.

When I see cute things, I go crazy about cute things. It doesn’t hurt to be cute. If you’re born and you don’t look like a hot supermodel like me, don’t fret! Go for cute! It works :3 Although I still need to work on my make up skills… need a long way to go…

Anywho, guess what I found in the mall! No… not money! cute things! But I’m trying not to go for pink. Vibrant colours are IN these seasons! Thanks to Nicki Minaj and korean fashion/trends influences.

It’s not blue! It’s cyan(?). I made a hard decision whether to buy the pink, vintage looking, child-like ribbon or go buy something I thought is the most hideous. So I made my decision and choose this instead.


I had a bunny hair clip before but it broke cause it was plastic and all. And since it’s the year of the rabbit, might as well have at least rabbit decorations for myself.  Wabbit! =:3


I’m not sure what you call this thing. It’s a rubber-band but it has like those canvas thing… but yeah. I like it. I never had those before and now I do! haha~


and yes, to complete it all; a small hand bag. It’s not big and it’s different from the bags that I have at home so yeah… I just used it today and I’m not sure if I’ll use it again…


Notice everything has ribbons? Ribbons are cute!


First post.

Now, I’m not really good at make-up, fashion or whatsoever. But I do have my own sense of style. I read in a magazine once and it says, “the best fashion is when you have your own fashion statement” and I do believe that.  Most of my friends are what I consider STYLISH.

I used to be a tomboy and the hardest thing about it, I try to hide my weakness about cute (little) things! I decided to stop and be what I call myself now, a lady. But SOME people still think i’m not girly enough! And you know why? It’s because I don’t wear a lot of make-up and expensive clothes like her! I mean like… what the hell? At least I won’t get wrinkles unlike you. Geez…

I came across this trend called gyaru/hime gyaru (Girl/Princess Girl) and also I think my most favourite trend of all… Kawaii. I totally opened my eyes! Between gyaru and kawaii trend, I like kawaii the most but still, I’m not those die hard kawaii fans. I don’t live in Japan so I still have my boundaries. I’m a shy person so the only way for me to stand in a crowd is by being a kawaii girl and smile. 🙂

My ideal type of kawaii fashion is just look like a (decent) human being. Don’t go over the top. But stick to the fact that you want people to say, “wow, you’re cute”. That’s for myself. I don’t  know about the rest of the world.

I don’t drown myself with heavy make-up and I am a believer in natural beauty. It’s sad to know that no matter how hard I try to be like those hot models with long legs and skinny body, I can never accomplish my desires to be like them. But hey, at least i’m not a stereotype. 😛

Left: My ideal Kawaii                                         Right: Gyaru/Hime Gyaru