How to: black and white poker

Hahahaha~~ I’m back with a new tutorial and it’s called black and white poker! It’s not THAT hard to do. Just make sure you have a GOOD nail polish with you; and I mean A GOOD ONE. Here’s how you do it.

First thing you need it…

Centre: Black Nail Polish, Right: White nail polish design

P/s: about the left one… you don’t need that. I changed my mind during the process. LOL

And then…

Use the black nail polish first.


Use the white one next. Make sure it's eiter this, or the nail art paint.

Just copy the poker cards: Diamonds, Hearts, Club and Spade. And you’ll have this:


A close-up look:

By the way, make sure your white nail polish is GOOD or it’ll end up messy like mine.

P/s: I don’t look good with black nail because I will look like a ‘pontianak’. So I do it on that thing. lol.





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